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Techne Online Gallery

It’s been a long time.
This is no changelog, but I wanted to say that I’m still alive, kicking and working on Techne (Although I’m going to be on vacation the next 3 weeks).

Anyway, today I’m proud to announce that the first version of Techne Online Gallery is online!

Check it out at

Usage is pretty straight forward, you upload a model, provide some details (if you want to) et voilà, you got your model online and you can share it with others :)

I hope it’s useful to you and have fun!


I’m proud to announce the beginning of an online version of Techne:

You can find details here.

I will put the source-code up on bitbucket once the contest is over - I hope there will be some to help me with it :)

State of affairs

Just wanted to say that I didn’t forget about Techne.

I just hadn’t have the time to work a lot on it, but I have written two posts about modeling in Minecraft. You can find them under http:// I hope someone will find them useful and it wasn’t just wasted time :)

I’m not sure how much time I can spend on Techne over the holidays as well but I hope and think that I can give it some love and fix some bugs!


Looks like I’m rounding a bit too aggressively, sorry about that.

I’ll have more time to work on Techne soon!

  • [Fixed] Problem in exporter (rotations getting rounded too much)

If you have a 1.9 and 1.8 exporter, it’s best to reinstall Techne, they shouldn’t be there.

Ok, I’ve been really busy with RL, but I just noticed that there are some things very wrong with the exporter template.

  • Fixed using TechneModelRenderer instead of ModelRenderer
  • Fixed not exporting .render(f5) lines
  • Removed 1.8 exporter (if you still see it, better reinstall Techne)
Follow up on Animation-support

Will animation be back?

Yes, yes it will - but it will take a bit, so bear with me.

It should be better as well :)


Thanks Groxmapper for pointing out errors in the exporter :)

  • [Fixed] Forgot to rewire the Copy and Paste buttons when I reimplemented that feature
  • [Fixed] Rounding rotations (too much)
  • [Fixed] setTextureSize in 1.8.1-exporter
  • [Fixed] Spelling mistake
  • [Removed] Animation-tab, should have done that sooner - caused too much confusion
  • [Fixed] Using texture-offset instead of texture-size in the exporter
    (sorry about that)
  • Forgot to add the changed 1.8 Template to the update - you will need a farily up-to-date version of mcp. If you don’t, replace setTextureSize with func_35968_a
  • Opening links in changelog in default browser - as a Test, Techne’s various sites: twitter, google+, wiki,youtube

In case you didn’t know, I created a wiki which is going to be a resource for Techne-help.
Please help me help you write some articles :)

Also, if you release a mod or model created with Techne, feel free to add it to the list, I’ve added one mod myself as an example.
If you feel your mod is big enough to warrant a new article, create one.

  • Fixed problem with 1.9 exporter
  • Added setTextureSize call to 1.8 exporter
  • Added “View Help”, “Irc-Channel” and “Changelog” to Help menu
  • Added copy and past (again)
  • Changed change-log :)